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the plot was simple but funny, and the characters are super cute!

theSpeciamOne responds:

Thanks :D

very strange. feels like an odd dream that you forget about two seconds after waking up.

please stop uploading to newgrounds. the type of content that you create is not meant for this website.

edit: actually, it is an ANIMATION sharing website, and there is barely any animation in this.

Jayempee responds:

Fuck you, it's a video sharing website.

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It's a neat little game, but I have a few problems with it. The game gets extremely boring after about one minute, and the soundtrack really shreds my ears after a while.
Here are some suggestions to improve your game:

Make the pink balls give you a one shot kill. I found myself just running through and tanking hits a lot, so making it a one hit kill would make it more fun.

Another suggestion is to add different enemies/obstacles. Maybe a boss?

Anyway, this game is pretty average. Not that good but not that bad. It has potential, though.

it's just a bunch of stickmen. no game.

qQertyz responds:

Look, I put ' in this, I'm saying that it isn't a game, it's just one of my almost-monthly projects being posted onto this website.

it's kind of a standard platformer. nothing too new or interesting, but it's still a lot of fun. for an extra challenge, try playing without double jumps!

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really good stuff, my dude

this is a pretty sweet tune! i could see this being played in a video game!

high quality humor

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I really like the colours and the exaggerated facial expressions!

this is really cute!

mae32 responds:


what a cool model! i like all the crazy colors on it.

Hello! I like to make fun little digital doodles and animations!

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